Hope in 24 Hours will leave Readers encouraged, inspired, and filled with hope and patriotism as they are reminded that any challenges they are facing can be overcome.

CHANGE IS JUST 24 hours away...

"God's plans for us are different than our plans," Nazareth explains. "Often, tomorrow can bring a whole new solution that we didn't even expect or think about. Your problem can be solved, your situation can change, your financial debt can be removed, your fears can be eliminated. It may sound too good to be true, but all that can happen in 24 hours or less. Really!"

As he shares stories from his own life, Nazareth details how God took his guilt and fear away in 24 hours, how he answered his prayer and gave him a wife in 24 hours, and how he changed his financial situation in 24 hours.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why the underlying message of the book is, "Give God a day and he can change your life."

Practical topics included in the tome range from finances, relationships, and parenting to spirituality, career, and family. Each chapter - and the book as a whole - reminds that transformation is just 24 hours away.

"I've known Nazareth for over 20 years as a Comedian who brings laughter and encouragement to people. Hope in 24 Hours is no exception This book will encourage you and give you hope."
Josh McDowell – Theologian


"The valuable lessons in this book will demonstrate the powerful timing that God has for every life.  Learning that you cannot rush things and how to wait on the Lord is, well, it's timely,"

--Chonda Pierce

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"Nazareth has an infectious sense of humor and an infectious sense of hope. In fact, his unique gift to make us laugh is what God uses to open the door of our hearts so that we can be invaded with the hope that only comes from above. Get ready to be infected by hope."

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor - Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA