we cannot sing in church in California

July 4, 2020


California Governor announced yesterday that we cannot sing in church.

Here are 12 excuses that can get you released in case you get arrested singing at church:


1.                   I was not singing I was protesting!


2.                   I’m answering the voices that are talking to me!


3.                   I was Yawning!


4.                   I was on my phone not singing at all!


5.                   I will sing hallelujah all the way to jail!


6.                   I was just talking in different notes!


7.                   I was melodically speaking to the seniors!


8.                   I’m Clearing my throat to the beat!


9.                   I’m doing Vocal exercises... you can exercise without a ticket!


10.              I was speaking in tongues!


11.              I was Calling my husband. He doesn’t listen!


12.              My 5 personalities were talking to each other in different notes!


From the "Live with Naz" show on Facebook week nights at 8:30 PM.(PST) From show #87