Name Some New Social Distancing Wedding Vows


1.        With this sanitizer I thee wed

2.       You may now kiss your masked bride

3.       I will Social distancing AFTER we get married

4.        You may now vaccine your wife.

5.        Till death do us part as long as you stand six feet apart

6.        I promise to not work from home till death  does us part

7.        I now pronounce you sheltered for life.

8.        With your mask on, You may now kiss

9.        To have and to hold each other's gloves

10.      I promise to honor and obey the government on social Distancing till they take one of us  away due to Covid 19

11.      I promise to zoom more

12.      With this sanitizer, I thee Wed

13.      Is there any reason why these two shall not be quarantined together??

14.      Now you have blow a kiss away from each other face

15.      Who gives this virus away?

16.      I promise not to zoom zoom zoom with another women

17.      In COVID and in health

18.      You may now kiss the bride through your mask.

19.       I promise not to cough in your general direction

20.      We are spread out here today to witness the union of....

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