What would be the worst name for a Plumbing business or a plumber?


1.      Wet n wild plumbers

2.      Farrah Faucet

3.      Hairball plumbing

4.      Bend over backwards plumbing

5.      The Pipe Blockers

6.      Leftover Removers

7.      Take 2 plumbers

8.      Outhouse and Outback Plumbers

9.      Duct tape plumbers

10.      You wiggle we jiggle plumbers

11.      Smelt It Dealt It

12.      Call the best, flush the rest

13.      we sink low plumbers

14.      Flush and Blush Plumbers

15.      Poker Plumbers: Where a straight flush beats a full   house

16.      Strain the Drain

17.      First we drill, then we bill

18.      Taking a plunge plumbers and wedding consultants

19.      End Well Sewage

20.      We’re #1 in the #2 business

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